Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Little Ice

We had a little ice, sleet, and snow at our house last week. Not as bad as the DFW area, but bad enough.
The puppies made a mess out of the yard. They didn't know how to act in the stuff.
When the sun came out it made the ice on everything sparkle. We got a little more snow after I took these pictures, but not alot.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

SanAngelo Christmas-Day 2 & 3

We ate the free hotel breakfast (Will made waffles!) and then headed to the house to celebrate Christmas with the family.

There was a crowd in Alan and Swellens little house. Kids and cats everywhere. A total of 14 people.
More of the Christmas crowd.
On the way home on day 3 we stopped in Bangs, Texas for lunch. GranMa knew of this little mexican food restaurant that she said was good. And it was. The queso was very good.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

SanAngelo Christmas-Day 1

My older sister and her family came in from California for Christmas. My younger sister couldn't travel (she was pregnant) so we all loaded up the trucks and headed for SanAngelo!

The California crew had stopped at the DrPepper museum in Waco on the way to GranMa and GranPa's house, so we stopped in Dublin at the bottling plant to finish their beverage tour. (And to get a REAL DrPepper).

Here we all are headed back to the truck for the rest of the journey.
After we got to SanAngelo we stopped at Swellen and Alan's house first. Alan was working so we headed downtown to visit him at the station.
Alan gave us the tour of the fire station. The boys wished our garage was that big. Andy was impressed by the 3 X-boxes the crew had networked together so they could play Halo.
This is one of 3 ambulances that were in the bay that day.

Always a good warning to pay attention to.

If you take a firemans picture, with a flash, while he's wearing all his gear; all you get is the reflective tape. That is Alan, even though you can't see him.

The boys got to get on the trucks. The big truck was in the shop, this is a backup.
It was getting late and I had 3 boys yelling "I'm hungry Dad!". I asked if I could be Yugoslavia, but they didn't think that was funny. So we took everyone to Cici's for all you can eat pizza.