Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dust In The Wind

I had to work Saturday at the post office. I fought the wind and my allergies all day long, but it was clear when I got back to the PO. When I left to go home the sky was brown. It got thicker when I got home. You could look straight at the sun for awhile. It settled out after the wind died down later in the evening.

The New Dog

When Lynne calls me on the phone and he first thing she says to me is "Honey, I love you", I know I'm in trouble. One of the ladies she works with had two dogs but they kept fighting with each other. So Lynne brought one of them home. She is a pure bred Dachshund named Piper. She's a nice little dog and I think she'll make a nice addition to our family. Our other dogs have been chasing cows, so they will have to leave.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Teacher of the Week

If you don't get the Grandview Tribune you may not have seen this on the front page of section two (yes, the paper did have two sections). Lynne made teacher of the week. They had a nice article with her entire life story in it. She got a free lunch and a six week subscription to the Tribune.
If you notice the picture to the right, you will see the five new Deacons that were ordained at our church last week.

The New Car

I got the camera running long enough to get a few pictures downloaded. As you know Andy wrecked my truck. So we are trying an experiment with our new car. How little can we pay for a car and how long will it last? Well, here is the answer to part one. It's a 1996 Saturn with 147,000 miles on it. We paid $2400 cash, so no car payment and we don't have to buy full coverage insurance. It runs great. Lynne and I took it on our trip to SanAntonio and got 35 miles per gallon (better than the Explorer). Since this is the car I'll be driving back and forth to work in Cleburne, the good gas mileage will be great. As to the second half of the question... We'll let you know.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine's Day and since then

My Valentine's Day was very memorable. My husband professes not to do a lot of hoopla but he so made up for it on this holiday that he says is a corporate scam for the card, candy, and flower industry. Well, he did REALLY good.
I went to work on this particular day without thinking about what day it was. I knew it was Valentine's Day but since Jeff has never really done anything for it I wasn't expecting anything. He came in from work and handed me a pot of red tulips just beginning to bloom. I jumped up and hugged him and went nuts over them since they are my favorite flower. A little later he went out to the car and came back and handed me a package with a movie I had been wanting to get. Next, he schemed with my oldest son to babysit and Jeff took me to Rosa's Cafe for dinner. It was so romantic and sweet and totally unexpected. I hope he realizes that he has set the bar for himself and now I am going to want some sort of hoopla every year. HAHA!!!

Since then things have been low key. Will and Jeff have gotten new glasses, we got a new computer, and things are rolling along. I was with Will today and we agreed that life is good right now. We might not have much but we have enough and we are blessed. Yes, we could use a little more money so the finances weren't so tight and yes, we could use another car for Andy,and yes, we could sell the old house, but over all we are in good shape and we are happy.

I hope that others out there are happy. I know I am.