Monday, June 26, 2006

The Kitchen Update

They changed the sink to a different style (we don't know why) and installed it. You can also see the stove and dishwasher in this picture.
The fridge is in place and running. We put all the shelves in it tonight.
Here is a close up of the tile on the kitchen counter. It's hard to get a good picture of shiny marble.
The cat is boxed up and ready to go.
So much has happened in such a short time. the countertops are finished and gorgeous!!! The appliances are moved into place and awaiting the plumber's touch. We are now onto the hardest task ever. We have to clean and scrape the floors. When the foam was sprayed on the roof area there was no protection on the floors so the foam residue landed there and has now harden and made itself at home. We may be scraping for years to come. We should get a septic system moved in this week and hopefully a gas connection. They are telling us that we could start moving in as early as this weekend. I still need to have words with the painter about things he missed or didn't do before that happens. Jeff will have to post pictures later. Can you believe that we are finally getting our dream after all this time????? God is really good to us.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The House- June 20

The kitchen sink is ready to install. Brantley will install the tile in a day or two then it can be installed.
The faucets and shower controls are in the bathrooms.
The stove was delivered the other day. Lynne was very excited about that.
Lynne's refridge and dish washer are sitting in the garage waiting to be installed.

The lights are up down the hallway.

The black fan in the living room is up. This style is also in the dinning, kitchen, and our bedroom.
This is the style fan that is in the boys bedroom.
And lastly, it would appear that the electric fence is not keeping the cows out.

Friday, June 16, 2006

House on June 16

The posts are under the front porch now and they put the dirt back around the house.Lynne went and picked up the tile for the kitchen counter tops. Brantley will be installing that.
The toilets and mirrors are in. This is the boys bathroom.
The outside A/C unit is in. So are the inside vents and thermostat.
And we have a driveway.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

House Update- Getting Close

Lynne was surprised the other day by the garage door being up. If we had electricity (see Lynne's rant below) we could play with it.
Jesse found the magnet used to pick up loose nails around the site. He thought it was great fun until it became work.
The workers are finishind the siding on the back of the house. They worked on the garage next.
The well is in and just needs to be hooked up to electricity so we'll have water.
The painters covered the cabinets and are well on their way to finishing. They will paint the outside once the inside is finished.

Lynne's Rant

On June 7th, Jack asked if I could possibly call TXU and see if they could update us on the status of our electrical service since we were almost done with the house. I called them at about 1030 in the morning and got my FIRST customer service person. I explained to this person that I had paid my $12000 over 6 weeks ago and still did not have service. He told me that I would have to apply for a permit that would put the work order into action. I explained to him that my builder had already done this three times. He said that I would have to do it again. SO we started the process and about 2 minutes into that I was disconnected from him. I called back asking for the worker by name only to be told that they could not connect me personally to that person. SO I started all over again with the SECOND person. Midway through my explanation they disconnected me AGAIN. I was now into the not so nice mode and highly frustrated. I called for the THIRD time and again connected with a new person. This person finally transferred me to the residential connections dept and I started talking to Lela. Lela finally found every permit we had applied for but said it was done wrong. I told her that I wanted to apply for another permit and forget the temporary service just go straight to permanent service. She told me that she could do this but it would 7-10 days before this could happen. I asked if this could happen sooner and she said that it would cost an additional $89 for service to connect it within 24 hours. I disgustedly sighed and said to do it. By this time it is now well after 1200 noon. About 30 minutes later, Lela called me back to say that they could not do this service in the 24 hour period because we have to an inspection from the city of Maypearl because according to their records our house is in the city limits. I lost it at this point and yelled that our house was 5 miles outside the limits and no inspection was needed. She stopped and said ok but it would still be 7-10 days before service could be connected. I then called the man who started this stuff, Mr. Tim Lowe. He is the guy we paid and trusted to get this job done. He had been on vacation and had been told before he left that this was done job. I informed him it was not. I again told him that we needed permanent service and to just forget the temporary service. The next day they connected the TEMPORARY service.

On June 14th, I called TXU again at 900am. I was transferred to the residential department quickly because I knew who to ask for. Unfortunately, I got a new person. I had to fill out a NEW form for the umpteeth time. I know that Jack had filled out 3 permits and I had done it twice the week before. Now I had to do it again. I did not yell but I gritted my teeth through the conversation. Now the person says that in order to connect the service they will be charging us $270 for doing this service. I yelled at her at this point. She said that this was a fee that they charged for establishing new customers. I told her I had been a customer for 18 years and she said “not at this address”. I finally made it through the process AGAIN with her and told her no city inspection was needed when she told me they had to have it. She then said “it will be 7-10 days before we can do this service for you”. I finished with her at 1000am and promptly called Mr. Lowe. He told me that this was stupid and that we would not have to pay the $270 because we are established customers with the TXU company. He also said that he was again told that this project was done. I am to call him in the morning if something has not been done by then. The Electrical saga continues.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Our Sunday Drive

Lynne wanted to go for a drive this Sunday so we loaded up the minivan and headed north to Cabela's.We saw lots of stuffed animals, looked at boats, and played in the shooting gallery.
We ate lunch there, bought me a pair of shoes, got Lynne a few things (Elk poo) then headed west.
We ended up in Jacksboro. We visited the state park then headed home. That's the old fort hospital in the picture.

The Long Silence

We had a catastrophic computer failure a few weeks ago. I think I have everything back up and running again. We are running a Linux operating system now instead of Windows. It's different so I hope we figure everything out.