Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Maypearl vs Dublin

We went to Maypearl Friday night for the game between the Panthers and the Fighting Shamrocks of Dublin (actually I think they are the Lions). We took Will early for band and watched the players warm up for awhile.
The drum corps was playing a cool marching beat as the band hit the field. There was barely enough light to take a picture without the flash, so it came out a little blurry. Will is third in line.

It was chilly sitting in the stands, but at least the wind died down from earlier in the day. The band performed at half time and I could tell they have improved since I heard them last. Maypearl ended up losing the game.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Misc. Items

Well our cat doesn't have her own web page so we have to post her pictures here. I think she is content at the new house.
Will took a couple of pictures of the puppies. That's Chico in the lawn chair. They both love to sit in those.
The eyes belong to Rosie. She doesn't stand still long enough to get a good picture.
We had a pretty sunset the other night.

FBC Groundbreaking

Last Sunday we met in a big tent out on the Churches property for a groundbreaking ceremony. It was very cold and windy that day. Of course, that would be the day that my digital camera freaked out and wouldn't work. Luckily Jay T. Gann was there with his nice fancy digital camera and took lots of pictures. You can go to his web site (www.pantherpics.smugmug.com) and see those pictures and a lot of pictures of school activities too. Hopefully you have a high speed connection for his site. If you need help with the password just look at the web address.

Band Competition Last Saturday

Hadens mom sent us these pictures of Will and Haden from last weeks band competition in Burleson. The band got a 3rd Division score for their performance. If you cant read the captions go here for a bigger picture.

Monday, October 16, 2006

What is it?

Ok, family members. Does anyone remember what this is and where it came from? If it's an idol for some strange pagan ceremony, I don't want to know about it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Cannot Vote For This Man

The latest version of the TransTexas Corridor has the 1200ft wide project coming within 1/2 mile of my house. I don't recall the voters (aka- you an me) of the great state of Texas ever saying they wanted this. Did you vote to approve the largest land grab in state history (one-half a million acres)?
Then who came up with this plan? That would be Governor Rick Perry. Apparently he has no problem taking family farms away from his fellow Texans. That is why I cannot and will not vote for this man.

Homecoming 2006

Last night was the big Homecoming game between the Maypearl Panthers and the Venus Bulldogs. Lynne and I got there early to drop Will off at the band hall and went into the gym to watch the girls volleyball game (they beat RioVista). While watching the last match I heard a deep booming sound and asked Lynne what that sound was. It was the band marching onto the field! We ran out of the volleyball game to go support #2 son.We got out there in time to get a picture of them marching around the track to the stands. Will said he had to watch real close so as not to run into Haden in front of him. Ryler behind him kept pushing him with his drum.
The band played on the field before the game because of halftime activities. Will and his buddy Haden haven't learned all the songs yet so they just sat in the stands.
It was a good game for Maypearl. We were leading at the half, 21-0. Does a blurry picture indicate a cheap digital camera, poor photography, or both?
The band stood there at halftime and played "Isn't She Lovely" for the Queen contestants. Will is standing with his back to us right in front of the drum row, holding sheet music for the flute player.
The stands were packed!
The grounds were packed!
That's the band director Mr. Ferguson playing trumpet behind Will and the drum corps. They had 4 bass drums and you could feel them from the other end of the stands.
Maypearl won the game 30-7. We all sang the school song (not really, I don't know the words) and headed home.