Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I think my Saturn my leak this much.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Alligator Cafe

Lynne and I went to The Alligator Cafe in Dallas tonight. She has the same pictures on her blog and you can read her comments there.
We arrived for an early supper so we didn't get to see the live blues performance. I believe Hash Brown was going to be there that night. The building is not that impressive from the outside. We agreed that it looked like an old Jack-in-the Box or some other fast food place.
These first 2 pictures are my meal. Above is the Chicken & Andoullie Gumbo that I ordered. It was fabulous! The best gumbo I've ever had. Below is the fried chicken Po'Boy. It too was excellent. The spices on the chicken were just right.
Above is Lynne's crawfish enchiladas. She said those were excellent too. The dirty rice and the beans were seasoned just right.
The Chef came out of the kitchen right after we got the food and gave each of us a slice of sweet potato and pecan pie. We had already ordered desserts but he just wanted us to try it. Now, I don't like sweet potato, but this was wonderful. All the ingredients blended together and made a great pie.
Above is Lynne's bread pudding. I thought she was going to melt when she put the first bite into her mouth. I won't say what she said it was better than.
Above is my banana pudding. It has to rank as one of the best I've ever had in my life. Real whipped cream on top by the way.
After over an hour of enjoying the great food we agreed that the food was some of the best Cajun food we've ever had. As we drove toward downtown Dallas and then home we were making plans for who we could bring with us the next time we visit.