Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is Lynne. Today I have the privilege of being with family in California. It seems kind of strange because I am so use to helping with the cooking and the preparation of getting the meal ready and for once I am not doing that. We were told that we are to just relax and kick back. That is really hard to do but I am doing it. The morning devotional that my mom in law told us about is that "Thanksgiving is not just a day but a way of life." Translation is that we should make thanksgiving a part of everyday not just one day a year. I like that because I know that God says over and over in the scriptures that we should give thanks in all we do, and there are verses upon verses about thanksgiving. I have learned over the years to start my prayer time with a time of thanksgiving. Without God my life would be a mess and so for that I am eternally grateful and a way to show that is to give Him the thanks He deserves.

This thanksgiving season I am grateful for: my husband, my boys, my family, having a job, being blessed with so much, and good health. I am grateful for friends who love me no matter what and for being there through thick and thin.

I am praying that everyone has a fantastic day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Will's Play

Will's theater arts class gave their performances the other night at the high school auditorium. The first play was "Princess", Will wasn't in that one.
He was in the second play "Beowulf on a Budget". He played the King. In the play the theater was robbed and all the props stolen, so they had to use whatever they could find as props. You can see that Will's scepter is a toilet brush, Beowulf's helmet is a bucket, and he is wearing protective "mail".
Will's friend David played the monster Grendel. Here he is after Beowulf chopped his arm off.
He gave a wonderful death scene.
The play was hilarious! It was one of the best school presentations I've ever been too. The last play of the night, which Will wasn't in, was Hamlet. They did the whole play in 4 minutes.

Last Home Game of the Season

Halloween night was also our last home game against Palmer. It was also Senior recognition night. So before the game all the senior football players, cheerleaders, and band members were introduced with their parents.
And at halftime they introduced the Band Sweetheart.
We ended up winning the game to end another home season of football. The team did make the playoffs so they get to play a little longer. We don't get to go to games to support the band for another year.

Hot Dog

I've been running behind on my posts, so here is one from Halloween. This is Pipper in her costume. The only member of the family to dress up this year.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is what our dog Chico looks like. You would think that after raising him from the day he was born that I (Lynne) would know this. You would think so. I came home for lunch today and was driving down 916 which for us is a major road. Right before turning on to the road we live on, I saw a black dog and a small white dog. I turned onto our road and stopped. I got out and looked again. Sure enough I was positive that the black dog was Chico. I yelled "Chico, get over here. What are you doing this far from home?" The black dog ran over to me, wiggling all over (like Chico does), and the dog promptly laid down at my feet and rolled over (like Chico does). I opened the side door to the van and wrestled the dog into the van. Chico hates cars and so I did not find this unusual that I had to wrestle with the dog. All the way home I scolded "Chico". I noticed that the dog was happy about the car ride and was seeming to enjoy itself. I told "Chico" that he had been fooling us into thinking that he hated cars when in fact he was enjoying this ride. We pulled into the driveway and "Chico" got excited and started wiggling even more. I pulled up to the house with the intent on getting out and opening the door, when all the sudden our dog (the real Chico) got up from the porch and stretched. Suddenly it dawned on me that this was not our dog. Upon further glancing, I discovered that the dog in the van with me was actually a female and her back paw was spotted. She was quite anxious to get out and play but I made the loop in the driveway without stopping and drove her back to the group of houses that I had gotten her from. On the drive back, I told her she was a good girl and a pretty dog which pleased her and made her lick me. I stopped at the houses and opened the door. She did not want to get out. She sat down and starred at me. I had to drag her out of the van. As I drove back to the house she looked at me sadly and followed for a short distance. I am still not sure who she belongs to but she had quite an adventure today. I am just lucky that she was a sweet dog since I wrestled her around and had her in the van. I think I had better pay closer attention to doggy details from now on.