Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday Night Football 9-25-2009

The Marching Pride is entering the stadium preparing to strut their stuff.
I was wondering where the bells were when I realized that Will was actually marching past me with a bass drum. I just happen to catch him in this shot.
The team and cheerleaders standing at attention for the national anthem.
Will just hanging out admist the drums.
This is Yola's grandbaby. I was practicing taking pictures and got this cute one of him smiling.
This was the night that Maypearl was trying to win a spirit contest sponsored by The Ranch 106.9 radio station. The cheerleaders used their pompoms to spell out MHS loves 106.9.
I knew that Jeff was wishing he could be there so I took shots of the score board every time a score was made.

Will was intent on his music. He did a great job. He was actually testing out the bells and making sure that they were set right.

Birds of a Feather

The cattle egrets were enjoying the full pond the other day.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Antique Alley in Maypearl

Lynne went grocery shopping in Waxahachie this morning. On her way how she saw sign that said, "Antique Alley- Waxahachie to Cleburne". I guess the event is getting "longer". I went back to Maypearl with her when she got home so we could look around. We parked on the street in front of Davids and walked over to the bank parking lot for the car show.
This is a Hupmobile. I was talking to Coach Ellis about it and he said it is only one of four still in existence. It's a pretty rare car.

I like that red and white Corvette.
I think these were my two favorite cars at the show. They are real Hot Rods. Made by the guys that drive them from whatever parts they could find. I've heard them called "Rat Rods" by some people.
This is the interior of one of the cars. It looks like your rear end would be sitting about 6 inches off the pavement in this thing.
This is the other end of the spectrum. High gloss paint and well polished. I would, of course, drive this too.
Flame close-up.
Here is an overview of the parking lot. A lot of nice steel at the bank today.
There were several people set up down town as well as several shops open to sell.
This building had been remodeled recently and was opened for sellers to use. It's also for lease if anyone is interested.
The plaza was set up with a bounce house for the kids, several booths, and a live band.
The band was set up at the back of the plaza. They started playing just before we left.
The Mercantile was open in the old bank building also.
The feed store was open too.

Fall Flood 2009

We took these pictures Sunday night on the way home from Church. According to the news, it rained almost 10 inches in Maypearl over the previous 3 days.
Our car had a bad tire so we had borrowed the Excursion for a few days. It had plenty of ground clearance to make it through this little puddle.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Maypearl Homecoming 2009- Video #2

This was the beginning of the second half.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maypearl Homecoming 2009- Video #1

This was in the parking lot before the game. But the rest of the game was pretty much the same way.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fight Song Video

I started recording late so I missed the beginning of the song.

Meet The Panther

Last night was "Meet the Panther" night at the football field. The band had to be there a little early to set up on the field. They didn't bother to roll out the vibraphone, so Will played the cymbals and Jesse just had to stand and look good. Will is in the picture above and Jesse in the one below (it's like 'Where's Waldo').

Sierra J sang the national anthem before all the teams were announced. She did an excellent job.
They announced the administrators and the coaches first. They are lined up on the track in the above photo.
Coach Farda MC'd the event. He looked good, getting his strength back.
Brooke M, our youth ministers daughter, is the panther this year. She got to dance around the field with the cheerleaders.
There's all the athletes on the field with the band.
The band finished the night with the school song and the fight song. I'll upload a short video of the fight song later.