Friday, June 08, 2007

Halo Party!

Since Andy is leaving for Thailand on Sunday and Uncle Alan was having Halo withdrawals, we told them they could have a Halo party. A Halo party is defined as several computers being linked together throughout various rooms in the house and as many people as you can have(depending on the number of controllers, x-boxes, and routers). We ended up at one point with 14 guys playing Halo. This party lasts until all have passed out or they have to leave. Above in the gaming nook is Unlce Alan, Andy, and Matt.
This is the linking box that sat in the middle of the hallway connecting 4 televisions, 4 x-boxes, 1 x-box 360, and 14 controllers. There were wires running to four different rooms in our house.
In Will's room there was Will, Lucas, and Dan.
In Jesse's room, Taylor and Juan were on the x-box 360.

Garrett, Nick (the sunburned ears), Yager, and Jesse (laying in the floor) were in the living room. Lynne fixed the guys 32 quesadillas and the boys brought chips, drinks, and dessert. Within the first hour of everyone being here, all the quesadillas, two bags of chips, 4 12-packs of Mountain Dew, and numerous cookies were gone. As the night progressed they downed 2 more bags of chips, 2 12-packs of Dr Pepper, and 2 12-packs of Pepsi. The group made it until 530am the next morning with a couple of guys having to leave at 100am. For breakfast, Lynne made 2 dozen scrambled eggs, a dozen biscuits, a dozen cinnamon rolls, 2 dozen pigs in the blanket, and 30 sausage patties. This was gone in about 20 minutes by the 4 guys who actually got up and ate. It was a lot of fun hearing the guys yelling and having fun.

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TheMomInTheFamily said...

Wow! Y'all go through a lot more food than our kids' parties. :-)